Cow ~Milk ~Cheese


Our cow’s milk comes from the Gerringer Dairy in Gibsonville, NC. Gerringer Dairy is a multigenerational farm where parents, daughters and grandkids work in partnership.

The milk is beautifully rich and comes from a mix herd of Holsteins and Jerseys cows. It makes great cheese!  Their cows spend their days roaming huge green pastures when they are not in the parlor being milked.

Every Sunday and Tuesday, very early in the morning Fabian the cheesemaker, travels a few miles down to the farm where he receives gallons of rich warm milk from the milking parlor. Right beside the milking parlor is the creamery, the building in which he transforms the sacred liquid into beautiful cheeses. We make very small batches, from 8 to 10 wheels of cheese at a time every week; it is a good starting size of production for us right now.


Our cheeses are made using raw milk, so a process of aging for at least 60 days is a must. We age our cheese in the cheese cave, an outbuilding we  recycled right beside our farmhouse.
The whole process involves time and patience, stirring, cutting, shaping and once aging, hand washing and turning… those are ancient techniques where the word handmade takes a real meaning.


What’s aging in the cheese cave?


“Old Glencoe” ~ Homestead Cheese
When describing our Homestead cheese, I like to refer to it as the cheese that our grandmothers made on the back of the stove. The traditional back of the stove cheese made with the purpose of preserving milk during the peak of the season for times when milk became scarce
Flavor notes: It is a simple white cheese, with pungent flavor, good as a table cheese.

“Don Agustin” ~ Manchego Inspired Artisan Aged Cheese
It is a semi firm cheese with a sweet nutty flavor, with some small air pockets and off white color. We chose Don Agustin as its name to honor Fabian’s grandfather Spanish roots.
*It is perfect to eat it as is, with a slice of bread.
*As the focal point of Antipasto, it can be served with olives, sun-dried tomatoes, crusty bread and a robust red wine or a dry sherry.
*It is equally enjoyable as a snack or dessert with fruit or fruit tarts.

“Don Gabino” ~ Montasio Inspired Artisan Aged Cheese
This is an Italian style cheese, with a nutty and slightly fruity flavor.
Its rich flavor makes it a great cheese for the table, as a simple antipasto alongside with prosciutto, olives and fresh artisan bread.  When aging, it is a great cheese to use grated over pasta.
“Italiano” it is a robust Italian mountain cheese, with a piquant flavor. It is the kind of cheese to savor with a piece of crunchy bread and glass of red wine or a spoon of your favorite jam as a desert. It can be shredded over pasta or better yet as the signature cheese on a cheese platter. My  grandfather used to say when I was a little girl and we munched on cheese together while my grandma  was preparing lunch, “cuidado que pica”, be careful it will bite you!

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