Cow ~Milk ~Cheese

Our cow’s milk comes from Ran-Lew Dairy in Snow Camp, a premium family-run dairy.The milk is beautifully rich. Ran-Lew Dairy cows spend their days grazing in pastures around the milking barn. They are not given artificial hormones and they are only treated with antibiotics when they are sick, which is rare (and in those cases, their milk is not processed).

And Randy’s cows eat a GMO-free diet. Milk from grass-fed cows has been shown to contain higher levels of nutrients like beta-carotene, vitamin A, and vitamin E. It also contains higher levels of two crucial fatty acids shown to fight major diseases – Omega-3s and conjugated linoleic acid.
Every Mondays and Wednesdays, Fabian the cheesemaker, travels a few miles down to the farm where he receives gallons of rich milk. Then he travels back to our farm and inside our one-of-a-kind mobile creamery, he transforms the sacred liquid into delicious cheeses.  We make very small batches, from 8 to 10 wheels of cheese at a time every week; it is a good starting size of production for us right now


Our cheeses are made using raw milk, so a process of aging for at least 60 days is a must. We age our cheese in the cheese cave, an outbuilding we recycled right beside our farmhouse.
The whole process involves time and patience, stirring, cutting, shaping and once aging, hand washing and turning… those are ancient techniques where the word handmade takes a real meaning.


What’s aging in the cheese cave?


“Don Agustin” ~ Manchego Inspired Artisan Aged Cheese
It is a semi-firm cheese with a sweet nutty flavor, with some small air pockets and off-white color. We chose Don Agustin as its name to honor Fabian’s grandfather Spanish roots.
*As the focal point of Antipasto, it can be served with olives, sun-dried tomatoes, crusty bread and a robust red wine or a dry sherry. It is equally enjoyable as a snack or dessert with fruit or fruit tarts.

“Don Gavino” ~ Montasio Inspired Artisan Aged Cheese
This is an Italian style cheese, with a nutty and slightly fruity flavor.
Its rich flavor makes it a great cheese for the table, as a simple antipasto alongside with prosciutto, olives and fresh artisan bread.  When aging, it is a great cheese to use grated over pasta.

“Don Gavino Reserved” It is our Don Gavino, which in the middle of the aging process we start to massage the rind with Cream di Balsamico, a reduction of Balsamic Vinegar from Modena.

“Barncheese” (“Boerenkaas” in Dutch) the name comes because of those cheeses back in the days used to be aged in the barn after the cows were out when winter had passed. Storytelling aside, the cheese is very mild and has a delicious creamy texture on the center and a very delicate clean rind.

“Il Lavandeto” it is started on a base of our alpine Italian, made with cow’s milk infused in organically grown lavender buds After 10 weeks of aging, the slightly floral notes give you a mildly sweet and creamy cheese. Hand rubbing the cheese with Guatemalan ground coffee beans, cocoa, and extra virgin olive oil produces earthy and herbaceous flavors which appear while getting closer to the rind.

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