Meet our Family

, he is the heart and hands of Piemonte Farm. He is our alchemist, he works magic with the yeasts, the cultures and deals with what the environment sends to get the right conditions for them to thrive and give us as a result beautiful breads and cheeses. He makes jellies combining fruit juices with herbs to get delicious herbal jellies. He went three years to Medicine School in Argentina and was also a Policeman there! But, never ever in his life he saw himself making these delicacies! He is self taught baker and cheesemaker and for what we see he is a great teacher!







Hello I am Sandra, I love to garden and my motto is to “Bloom where I am planted”, right now I take care of the orchard, garden, rabbits, the house, the sheep and the family. I am the human connection between Piemonte Farm and our farm patrons. I’m in charge of marketing, packaging, label design, delivering, shipping, social media and sales of Piemonte Farm products.  Always loved the connection that the garden, the orchard and the animals allow me to have with Mother Nature and knowing she is in control keeps me on my feet, in awe on what she stores for me each day.




_DSC1291Fiamma, she is our farm girl. She likes farm, country, fancy and glam.Loves vintage and sparkles, chandeliers and shabby paint. She needs her eight hours of beauty sleep and her make up bag by the side of her bed.“Don’t let the eyeliner and nail polish fool you. She can go from French manicure to dirty hands in 3 seconds!”She goes to a monster truck exhibition in high heels and has the radio in her car stuck in country music. She raised a baby Robin until was able to be by himself and rescued our new family addition Molly form the side of the road, she is a sweetheart and a tornado. She definitively can be heard around the farm!




Fermin, we always joke around that in Spain he has his own celebration on July 7th, “Saint Fermin”. He is sweet, calm, he is the eddy of our river and we can have very mature conversations of any kind. He is the strength that my back does not have to mow the ditch with a push mower and to carry the five gallon buckets to fill the chickens waterers, he take cares of the chickens and loves reptiles, he just moved out not far away for now but he will in Fall to the mountains in NC to start his path into Wildlife Management. He is very happy on this new stage in his life. He is already missed!




DSC_0210editedAnd we have Cody, he is our daughter’s boyfriend, he has been part of the family for 5 years now, he dreams and breathes farm life, we hope to have him soon joining with us in our daily farm chores. He loves animals and has not doubt to help us chop wood, go to the markets and share the news about our cheeses.