5 Feb 2017


Today is Fabian’s Birthday, we have been celebrating birthdays together for 36 years now. Yes, we started dating when I was 15 and he was 17, we dated 8 years, got married and in March we will be celebrating our 28 th Wedding Anniversary… Love, love, love…

But today is his Birthday and I would love to celebrate it with some pics. I know this is a very personal note in Piemonte Farm Journal but can’t help than to share with all our friends out there!

Love his look when he looks at nowhere, I find him soooo attractive, years pass and still the same…

I love the farmer in him..

I love the baker in him…

And his love and patience when he makes cheeses



Happy Birthday Fabi! How awesome is to walk our lives holding our hands!

We love you!

19 Jul 2016

Summer, Pizza and Farm fun!

Every third Sunday of the month we get together to celebrate friends, community and food shared at a big table.

Our gathering place under the oak

Since we moved to the farm we wanted to open the door to our friends and neighbors, so since spring 2015, one Sunday a month Fabian makes a big dough, lit the wood fired oven, I set two big tables and some bistro tables, vintage tablecloths and sometimes mason jars with pretty flowers go on the center of each, hay bales covered with old quilts make it for more seating, we set also our farm store (a.k.a The Corn Crib) with our products and wait for guests to arrive.

fire oven

It is our Third Sunday Pizza Club gathering, while guest arrive family friends come and help us preparing the drinks, the little nibbles and help Fabian cut and take the pizzas to the table.


What we love the most of our Pizza Days at the farm is that not only we have our regular members coming but we also have a lot of new members. The list of Club members now reaches 200+ but our pizza days only can accommodate around 40+ adults and 15 kids.


Pizzas come out of the oven one at a time and guests patiently wait while sampling cheese, jellies, have a fruit or other appetizer to entertain themselves while waiting. Conversation is a must and there is always a good laugh being heard.

Pizzas come in the same size but in very different flavors, our signature during the summer is our roasted peaches with feta cheese and balsamic reduction.





Once the pizza is on the table, Valeria ,our Pizza slicer and presenter, rings the bell and everybody comes!


Yes we love families, kids love to play games, visit with the animals and listen to the music.





Goat kisses don’t happen very often but when they happen they tickle!


And the music, our days would not be the same if not because of Daniel Ayers, we have the privilege of his friendship since he was a little kid til today when he comes with his guitar and his harmonica, sits on a hay bale by the big oak and sings away…


After three hours of food, fun and fellowship everybody goes home and at the farm, tables and chairs go back to the shed, farm store lights go off, tablecloths, cups and dishes are picked up and washed, and we go inside the farmhouse, sit, relax and rejoice for the day we have had.


A good night sleep awaits…


27 Jun 2016

Positive thoughts on a stormy day

Most likely stormy days get me down, send me inside the house to stare from the kitchen window waiting for the thunder to go away .

Yes, I am a scary cat, I am very afraid of lighting, I will not get out of my car even in my own driveway if I hear thunder and I freak out if that happens under our tent at the farmers market.


But being inside the farmhouse like now, after Fabian’s alarm on his cellphone beeped that rain and thunder were on their way to our area makes me think if I cannot beat the fact of being inside I have to make the most of it, and that means to get into something I was giving it a lot of thought lately.  What is what I am thinking about? Re-blogging, or better said, give my farm journal a reviving shake, start to write more often, like everybody does with a journal, dah!


Being me the tender and the raw, and telling friends and people around us our story, the great, the bad, our passions, our successes and our failures. Showing that even when farming is what we choose to be our way of life it does not mean that is  always enchanting and pastoral like in postcards or ads. So here I go again, my last post that I promised it would go in three series about the milk, the animals and our cheeses will be continued in a later time.
For now I will start from the beginning, so people that just got to connect with us get to know us and those who have been with us for a long time, get to know us a little better!

Our Farm ~ Our Life