Kitchen Garden ~ The Potager

We want the kitchen garden to resemble those old French kitchen gardens where all what it produced was used in the kitchen and was not only enough for eating fresh but for preserving to enjoy during the winter months.  We want the garden to be productive and beautiful, with flowers adorning the edges of the raised beds, places to sit and relax and places for contemplation. We might not be at the point of self sufficiency in our kitchen garden but for now it provides what we daily enjoy in our daily meals.

Lavender and rosemary will go to the ground this spring to draw the lines of an herbal peace garden as a relaxing and meditative place. The Peace Garden along with our fledgling collection of daylilies will be the focal point of the garden walks for those who visit the farm.

Fruit Trees:

One apple tree, two peach trees, five blueberry bushes, two fig trees, two blackberry bushes and four raspberry bushes complete our mini orchard. They are not all planted in a spot by scattered around the farm.

We strive to use earth friendly practices in our orchard and gardens. Sometimes is difficult in the South to grow fruit that way but we proved ourselves in years past that we could do it with the strawberries and have high hopes we can do it with the rest our fruit crop.