or better yet “what’s next in our Integral Farm Plan”

Bee and Butterfly gardens: a tangled path of cultivated and wild flowers are in our plans, converting what once was a plain, corner in the pasture into a wildlife habitat. The flowers will add beauty to the place and will be another source of income to the farm in form of petite flower bouquets.

Ancona Ducks: is rare breed of duck which is considered critical by the American Livestock Breed Conservancy. They are a very versatile dual purpose bird, great layers, stocky and with leaner meat than Pekin ducks, they are also good foragers, stay close to home and don’t fly. They are fun to watch and we love them. 

Guinea Fowl: Guinea fowl are natural grazers, they will eat weed seeds, insects and worms. They are very low maintenance, very effective in keeping our property and gardens clean of insect pests. They are noisy, very protective and great guardians. We love guineas since our childhood and can’t wait to bring some to the farm this spring