As cheesemakers we raise the breed of sheep that better fits our needs when thinking about sheep milk cheese, they are the East Friesian Sheep. East Friesians are lovely sheep which produce great amounts of beautiful milk to make unique aged cheeses.

Our main objective with our sheep is for them to be healthy happy animals living their sheep life in our farm in Greensboro NC.

We are novices at raising this kind of sheep and at all about sheep dairying. Wish us the best!

Our plan is for us to provide green pastures and nutritious hay for them to eat and forage over the seasons, to give them a haircut when spring and lambing time is approaching. To make them a cozy “nest” in the barn for the newborn lambs during harsh weather. To rotate them from pasture to pasture during the greens stages of the farm to ensure they get the best of the grasses and to avoid a high load of parasites on the soil. We care for them to have a sheep life, free as much as we can of any medicine other than good care and good nutritious food Mother Nature will provide. In exchange, they also care for us, we have first and foremost their beautiful beings roaming our place giving us great company, the best milk for our cheeses, wool to keep us warm and meat to feed our bodies.

So you know them better for whenever it happens you stop by our place, their names are: for the girls: Lily, Rosa, Jazmin, Buttercup and Bluebell, for the boys: Lyle (the wether) and Oliver (the ram).